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Monday, 24-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
JERNS/friedns from school

form my classroom
mohawk anyone?
more from my room
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JERNS is like homecomming on steriods. It includes the whole state and all the sports my school has to offer....water polo, swim, gymnastcis, fishing, ping pong (whichs is actuslly really intense!), surfing, body boarding, mountain biking, basketball, sincronized swimming, dance, judo, to name a few. I play polo, and will be writing a detailed e-mail about this, but it´s unreal fun!!!! We wear the most riduculous outfit by the way too! check it out!

Saturday, 22-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Buggy #2, churrasco, pipa, Jammil

getting ready for a concert, Marcelo w/his eyes closed as always
buggy ride #2
i saw the camels again :D
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These pictures, are well from the last few weeks I guess.

I went on another buggy ride because one of my friends from school´s dad is a buggy driver. This guy was nuts and I pretty much felt like I was going to die, but didn’t…luckily eh? We saw some pretty amzing things, even though I did the same exact thing the week before, I saw so many different things, such a cool area to explore!

Churrasco at Marcelo´s apartment complex. Churrascos are like bar-b-ques. Just spent the night meeting a buncha people and eating some good food. Later in the night, things got kinda funny, with people dancing on tables and being crazy.

A weekend in Pipa again.

Friday, 30-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Yay!!! guess what i got to do!!

meu prancha du surfe!! yay i bought a surfboard
this dune was huge, hard to see in the pic, at least a 100 ft dr
yummy money
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Had a great weekend at another one of my family´s beach houses! I mean i got to see, touch, ride, kiss camels, what more could i ask for!?!?!? We rode a buggy (pronounced here boogey) and the guy drive like a madman all over the dunes and showed us a bunch of different beaches and things to you can see. Also, just for Emily Brandt i went for a swim in my pool!

Saturday, 17-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pipa, Chiclet com Bannana

shirt before
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A good weekend. Friday i went to a concert wiht a band, that if you translate it, is called Gum With Bannana. When you go to concerts here, instead of haivng tickets, you get shirts. All the girls cut and sew theirs and they all different, really cool to see how everyone sewed theirs. Saturday, we left on a little road trip to a nearby beach called Pipa. It´s a really famous place, really beautiful. We kidna spent the days chilling around, going out,drinking and eating. We went to this revervation park place and saw lots of cool stuff. I was looking into the trees and saw someting moving. After a second i reallized it wss alittle monkey!! After a few more seconds there were 7 of them only like 2 feet away form us. The people i was with were petting them and stuff, but it just looking like a case o rabies waiting to happen, so i stayed back. the drive home was really interesting, we took the scecin route whcih was right along the coast. WE drove about 5-10 feet from a cliff that dropped one hundred meters into the ocean. Def. a bit creepy. I think over the weekend, i probalby ate at least 200 shrimps, I love shrimp, but,man, i could do with out em for a few weeks now.

Wednesday, 7-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
From the last few weeks

the biggest tree in the world, that whole thing is one tree!!
here i go!
by our beach house
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^~Sheyla took Susana and I on a little tour of some of the beached around Natal, to the largest tree in the world (did you know cashews come from a fruit and a tree?), to a little lake to go on zip lines into the water, and to eat this weird icecream type of stuff. A trip out to eat for crab, those things are annoyingly difficult to eat. Also, a formal party thhat we attended with some politicians.

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